LED LCD TV advantages and disadvantages

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LED LCD TV advantages and disadvantages

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LED LCD TV advantages

1. Strong color gamut performance:

The performance of traditional CCDL-backlit LCD TVs has always been a problem for people, but this problem is expected to be fundamentally solved after the emergence of LED TV. Unlike the constant illumination of condensing backlights, LED backlights can adjust the brightness of the light according to the area or even the point, so there is a big improvement in contrast and color gamut.

2, long service life:

In addition to the color gamut, LED TV has another major feature, which is long life. CCFL LCD TV condensing backlight manufacturers claim to reach 60,000 hours of life, in fact, most backlight groups can not reach this life, because a backlight group consists of multiple lamps, as long as one is damaged, The TV will not be able to watch properly. In addition, the attenuation of CCFL lamps is very high, about 7% per year. In this way, even if it is not damaged, the brightness of the lamp will be significantly degraded after 2-3 years.

3, the appearance of slim and stylish:

Since the traditional CCFL LCD TV transmits white light, it needs to add a filter to achieve the purpose of color filter imaging. The RGB-LED is directly irradiated by three colors of light, and no filter is needed, so the thickness of the TV can be further reduced and can be easily Reach the level of half the thickness of traditional flat-panel TVs.

LED LCD TV shortcomings

1, LED LCD TV also has its own shortcomings. It lies in the sense of hierarchy and dynamic performance is not satisfactory. In the dark scene, when the scene details are expressed, the layering of the LED TV is somewhat blurred, and the depth of the picture is not obvious. This is also the drawback of LCD TVs, and the dark details in dark scenes are not good.

2. In another important picture indicator - dynamic definition. No matter how to change the backlight, LED is a kind of LCD TV. Therefore, the common LCD TV has the same drawbacks, which appear on LED LCD TVs. However, a series of compensation technologies such as 200Hz are constantly being upgraded, which can effectively reduce the delay of the picture. In addition, since the LED TV adopts the diode light-emitting technology, the amount of heat dissipation is large.

LCD TVs are lighter and thinner than the earliest bulky TVs, and LED LCD TVs are thinner than traditional LCD TVs. People prefer thinner TVs, so LED LCD TVs are very popular. What foods have two sides, LED LCD TVs are also the same, there are advantages and disadvantages, when people want to buy, they must be measured according to their actual situation.